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EDU-Mo is a company that supports Japanese and foreigners, born with the motto of  "Education More".

Anyone can learn whenever they want to.

We will always give guidance that is close to the learner.




Outdoor Hot Pot Party! Aply now!


当日の流れ Schedule
9:30 近くのレストランで食材カット
 Cut vegetables at the restaurant near the shraine  
10:00 神社に移動し、調理開始 Cooking at the shrine!
11:00 実食!Eat!




Anything about Japanese, English, and foreigners

We will solve it in one stop

We provide various services in the global society.

Education for foreigners.
​ Support from beginner to professional level.

Customize the content individually

From daily conversation to test preparation

We support a wide range!

We  support the scene to be used "Difficult Japanese".

​​ ・ Infant English

・ Eiken measures

Improve with "Moe Method"!

We can provide lessons for various people such as individuals, schools, and companies. From beginner level to business level.  We also support JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

* Japanese instruction in English is also possible

​Customize the content and learning style according to your wishes, such as online and face-to-face. Experienced instructors with various backgrounds will support your learning personally. We will ask you in detail about your request at a preliminary meeting.




We support situations where there are many complicated and difficult-to-understand Japanese words for foreigners. Basically, we support using video calls, but if you handle personal information at banks or hospitals, we will accompany you.

We will definitely improve your English with instructional content that suits your needs. Basically, it is one-on-one, and you can freely combine "English conversation", "Regular exam preparation", "Eiken preparation",  etc. at no additional charge during the lesson time.
* Currently the capacity has been reached.

For consultation about foreigners' education

​​ English / French / Chinese

Spanish / Vietnamese

Please contact us for other languages

Support entry documents and interviews!

・ Shop menu

・ Hospital poster

・ Regional information​ 


"​ "Recruiting foreigners for the first time" "I want foreign technical intern trainees to work longer" "I want professionals to give guidance after entering Japan" "I want foreigners to teach Japanese living rules" Please feel free to let us know any other small concerns. We will contribute to improving corporate strength with high leadership.

We undertake the translation of documents for foreigners invited from overseas and the documents necessary for studying in Japan. Please feel free to contact us as we will respond flexibly to languages other than those listed. If you want to study abroad in Japan or are interested in a specific skill, please feel free to contact us regardless of whether you are Japanese or foreign.

This service is for foreigners who want to go on to school or get a job in Japan. We will firmly support you from document preparation, correction to application.

​We will create menus, announcements, and posters for foreigners. It is possible to support in multiple languages, so please use it.

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500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158  / /  Tel. 123-456-7890

Thank you for sending

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