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[For companies] Japanese language education

Have you ever had such an experience?

・ Simple instructions are not transmitted well

・ I want technical intern trainees to work longer

・ I don't know how to teach Japanese 

・ I teach Japanese, but can't improve it

・ I want foreigners to improve customer service skills


EDU-Mo instructor as a "Japanese professional"!​

Price list

EDU-Mo is the same price for one person or a group

All plans come with a pre-meeting (free of charge).

* If you are far away, you will be charged a separate transportation fee.

* For the 1-month and 6-month plans, an administrative fee of 5,500 yen will be charged only for the first time.

7,700 yen (tax included)

It is a plan to practice before presentations, interviews, business talks, etc. If you have any materials or documents, we can check it  before and after the lesson.

Guidance is provided by professionals who have a track record of finding employment for foreigners. * Basically online, face-to-face instruction is also possible.

50 min. x 1 time

* Same price for up to 4 people

39,800 yen (tax included) * 1 month

50 min. x 4 times (1 month)
* Same price for up to 6 people

222,000 yen (tax included) * 6 months

50 min. × 4 times (6 monthes)
* Same price for up to 6 people


Improve the Japanese ability of employees

Recommended for companies as trial.

Listen carefully to your requests and we provide the best plan for your company.

This course is recommended for companies who want to improve their Japanese proficiency. Before the exams such as JLPT, we also conducted mock exams.
Give feedback to companies and improve your Japanese skills with company x EDU-Mo

​In addition to the above, we also offer flexible planning according to your needs.
Corporate power UP = Regional power UP
Please feel free to contact us.

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