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Multilingual support

Have you ever had such an experience when you went abroad?

・ I can't read the menu

・ I don't know where the toilet is

・ Is water free? Is there a charge?

・ I came to the hospital, what should I do?

・ I got a notice, but I don't understand the meaning ...


Foreigners living in Japan have the same feelings.

Shop menus, hospital posters, announcement papers, etc.

Would you like to make it a multilingual and friendly place for everyone?


Multilingualization support (creating documents, etc.)
Menu table, display of shops and hospitals, information pamphlets, etc.

A4 ~ A3 1 sheet 3,000 yen ~

* +1500 yen for each additional language

The finished product will be handed over as PDF data, so please print it out and use it.

If you have already created the Japanese version, you can add it to the data.

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